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Problems We Solve





C-Suite of Mid-Cap looking to optimize revenue growth

  • We need help with our strategic plan: Have we looked at all the opportunities? Are we prioritizing the right ones? Are we responding adequately to the changes in the marketplace? How can we get everyone on board and execute?

Growth Strategy

Deal team of Private Equity (PE) firm seeking quality diligence support, while managing costs

  • We need strategic diligence support but find the cost prohibitive with the large firms, especially given the number of deals we look at

  • We want a partner who also understands the life of a deal

  • We need help understanding the US / EU market for this target

Transaction Services

C-Suite of Mid-Cap and / or of PE firm struggling to find adequate M&A support for small or “tough" deals

  • We are looking to acquire, but can’t find enough targets and our advisors don’t like the buy-side

  • We want to divest, but the target is a hard sell, an "ugly duckling"

Transaction Services

C-Suite Of Mid-Cap and/or of PE firm looking to expand internationally

  • We want to grow abroad, potentially acquire across the Atlantic

  • We are seeking bolt-ons in the USA for our EU portfolio companies

  • We are seeking bolt-ons in the EU for our USA portfolio companies

US / EU Business Development

C-Suite Of Mid-Cap and/or of PE firm faced with unique,

"hard" problems

  • We have no idea how to do this, especially in the allocated timeframe

  • We know it’s unreasonable but we only have two weeks

  • We hear about Blockchain, AI, etc. but what can we do about it?

Mission Impossible

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