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Case Study: Growth Strategy

  • A major B2C2B lead generation online portal with a famed consumer brand was seeking help to build its 3-year strategic plan

  • In addition, due to concerns of select members of the Executive team around the remaining growth potential in the market and the threat of disruption, the Client was also looking for support in assessing those risks and in developing a longer term strategy

  • First, level-set the expectations around the market size and headroom for growth:

    • Disaggregated and normalized overall category traffic numbers (MMUs) into a number of individual leads, so as to assess the actual number of prospects online and hence the overall market penetration of online solutions (vs. offline)

    • Built an analytical model to forecast the market, 5-year out

  • As the forecast uncovered some remaining growth potential in the market 3-5 year out, next moved to the 3-year plan:

    • Developed a model of the company’s revenues, in order to identify the key levers driving growth

    • For each of those key levers, assessed their individual upside potential

    • From the previous step, derived a “full potential” forecast for the business and pressure tested it, based on practical constraints

      • Doing so, uncovered the key growth levers to drive the business moving forward would differ from historical ones

  • In parallel, developed the long-term strategy:

    • 1-1 Discussions with Senior Leadership to uncovers concerns, develop responses to a variety of “negative” scenarios and discuss strategic options

    • Thorough research (primary and secondary) to vet the Leadership’s concerns, the scenarios and to assess strategic options

    • Integrating findings from the 3-year forecast, prioritized options and updated the strategy, with revisions to the business model

  • Last, integrated into an 18-months activity plan with clear owners and accountability

  • Provided the Executive team with a fact-based view of their industry providing a reality check around market size, growth potential and threat of disruption

  • Enabled the leadership to rally around the new direction for the company while also focusing on short-term quick wins

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