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Case Study: USA Buy-Side M&A 

  • A French industrial component manufacturer wanted to expand to the US:

    • Sought to cross-sell existing clients and find new ones

    • Had identified that Greenfield was likely too complicated / lengthy

    • Seeking help in identifying, approaching and negotiating with potential acquisition targets

  • Defining the criteria for acquisition search

    • Initial discussion with management to define their goals

    • Rapid market scan to understand drivers, dynamics and help refine their criteria

    • Alignment on sequence and proxies to help inform those criteria

  • Identified Potential Acquisition Candidates

    • Developed comprehensive list of sources to inventory market participants

    • Assembled a “long list” of 3000+ potential candidates

    • For those, informed data around acquisition criteria to eliminate “false positive”, reducing the list to ~100

  • Screened and Prioritized Candidates

    • Direct outreach to the remaining companies

    • Facilitated introductions to client and 15 site visits

    • Led advanced discussions with three “finalists”

    • Support to valuation, negotiation and closing with the preferred target

  • Transaction Completed

  • Enabled client to establish foothold in the US

  • Comprehensive database of market participants and hence pipeline of potential bolt-on acquisitions

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